Reata Whippet Racing Group

Sighthound Racing and Coursing Competition in Utah


The Reata Whippet Racing Group completed its 30th Season (in conjunction with the USRCC in earlier years) of offering whippet sprint and oval racing under the auspices of NAWRA and NOTRA until 2008 and under IWRO through 2019; Other Breed sighthound racing under NOTRA and LGRA; and all breed Singles racing under NASR from 2008 through 2019.  Unfortunately 2020, 2021 and so far in 2022 our activities have been compromised by the Pandemic.  We are hoping for a return to "normalcy" sometime this year.  We will continue to administer the Independent Whippet Racing Organization which is still vibrant in many parts of the USA.  We wish all the best for 2022!


Jack and Mary Lewis moved to Utah in 1986 with our two children, Gini and Jim, and our three whippets Krystal, Beth and young pup, Cody.  We had been introduced to the wonderful world of sighthound field events such as racing, lure and open field coursing by the Northern California Whippet Club.  We wondered if our new home & property could be set up to handle some training for our own whippets.  After much clearing of brush, trees, etc, we were first able to set up a sprint track for training and built some temporary starting boxes.  Due to Mary and Jack's love of the movie, Giant, we soon named our field "Reata".  We met folks with similar interests who joined us in these training activities.  In 1987 the Utah Sighthound Racing and Coursing Club (USRCC) was founded here.  In 1989 we held our first North American Whippet Racing Association (NAWRA) race meet.  By this time we were also able to clear more of the property to enable a 220 meter oval course that was approved by the National Oval Track Racing Association.  Our first oval meet was held in May 1990.  Thanks to David Woolf of Kentfield Whippets, he felt we could set up a more efficient and challenging oval course by modifying and lengthening it to 300 yards.  David submitted the proposal to NOTRA Director, Dave Rosenstock and he approved it for our second meet weekend of 1990.  Thanks to the influence of meeting up with Dr. Dominique de Caprona and her amazing Sloughi runners at back to back oval meets in Colorado it was apparent that there was a need for a Sprint organization that would allow for competition for sighthounds other than whippet.  In 1995 the Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) was created with the first LGRA event being held at Reata.  In 1993 the USRCC hosted the NAWRA Nationals and the Western Whippet Derby (NOTRA).  In 1994 the Reata Whippet Racing Group (RWRG) was formed to focus solely on racing.  In 1998 the RWRG hosted the NAWRA and NOTRA National event.  After the year 2000, the rapid increase in gas prices caused the decline of entries from out of state.  This particularly hurt our ability to sustain whippet racing under the auspices of NAWRA & NOTRA as they require a minimum entry of 15 to earn RCh or ORC points as opposed to the minimum of 2 for other breed events under NOTRA & LGRA. 

To continue the ability for local whippets to enjoy the challenge of competition in racing events, the Independent Whippet Racing Organization (IWRO) was created here in 2002 and the first IWRO meets were held in 2005.  IWRO provides a sanction for whippet entries of 2 to 14 hounds to enjoy sprint and oval competition in an organized manner.